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Hi, I'm Alex, Creative Founder + YouTuber. My mission is to help you combine Commerce, Creativity, and Cause to connect with consumers and audiences based on shared values. 

hello + welcome

If you landed here, you're probably interested in Commerce + Creativity + Cause. You're in the right place!
Whatever brought you here, make sure to check out my YouTube channel, Instagram, and Podcast coming 2020.
Or keep scrolling to decide if you're going to stick around ;)


I'm building a tech + media company called Ambition. Our first product is a software for the impact and creative industries. It's called Lofty.

Commerce + Creativity + Cause
I make YouTube videos to help you combine all three.



Showing the power of good storytelling and sharing strategies on how to tell good stories yourself. 

Collab for

A Cause

A series on YouTube bringing impact to the powerful YouTube community. I bring a different creator on an impact experience for their favorite cause.



Interviewing investors passionate about companies whose mission includes both a social and financial return.


Let's Collaborate

I'm always excited to connect with others invested in improving the world. 

If you're a fellow content creator, a social enterprise, or a corporation excited to share your social good story, let's collaborate. 

Shoot me an email to see what synergy we've got going on. 


Instagram is my jam. Let's connect there.

Let's Be Friends

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