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An LGBTQ+ Impact Film

Actors Natasha Younge (Left) and Diahnna Baxter (Right)

"Know" is a short film with LGBTQ+ themes. After returning home for the first time in twenty years, Andrea must suppress her true feelings when she meets her nephew's boyfriend.

The film was released and distributed as part of a larger 2018 pride month series produced in partnership by social enterprise, Lofty, and the Promote Love Movement, a nonprofit and collective of LGBT & allied individuals united for the purpose of promoting love.

"Promote Love is a space for members of the LGBT community who were raised in religious families to share their experiences in a safe and judgment-free environment. We believe storytelling can soften hearts and bring people together -- sometimes we are all we have."

The second installment of the Pride Month series was a video called Kiss + Tell, where LGBTQ+ couples reveal the stories of their first kiss.

Lofty is a tech-based social enterprise, connecting creators to brands and nonprofits in order to collaborate on impact campaigns.

"This is the first of many social impact films Lofty will be producing in the next few years. We managed to gather a brilliant production team and look forward to partnering with them on upcoming projects. What we like to call impact-ainment is seeing massive growth as citizens are more often connecting with values-driven brands."

"Know" won the Best Coming Out Story award at the Trans Stellar film festival. You can watch the full film on YouTube below.


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